Rowing Everyday – My Experience So Far…

I have alway been one for setting myself stupid challenges, from running everyday to bench pressing everyday but the one I started mid May was rowing everyday. Starting with 5,000m, 10,000m and now I’ve reached 15,000m on a daily basis. Although I have also done a couple of marathons and a handful of half marathons thrown in to spice up the routine. I must say I have really enjoyed the process, from getting over the blisters and torn skin to my entire body feeling sore. But the last point is the exact reason I love rowing – it gives you a full body workout and encompasses cardio and strength training also my next challenge involves adding some strength training to supplement the rowing session. So overall, if you’ve ever considered taking up indoor rowing, I would say go for it – it caters for almost every need. From being low impact on your joints, providing cardio & strength training and can be used for endurance or high intensity interval training. I really do feel it is the most all round piece of equipment available.

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